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Insurance Coverage

For women, hair is a symbol of beauty and pride. Due to such societal perceptions, women face a lot more difficulties and emotional distress as compared to that of men when dealing with hair loss. Some women may wear wigs as a luxury, but others wear wigs as a necessity. If you're suffering with hair loss due to an autoimmune disease, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, burns or other conditions, your insurance may consider it medically necessary and cover the cost of your wig. In the medical world wigs are referred to as "cranial prosthesis".

The Lavish Beauty Palace is owned and operated by compassionate and experienced Health Information Technicians that can assist with the reimbursement process. We've assisted patients for over a decade and this is our passion! Please note, coverage and eligibility for medical wigs will vary by state, health insurance plan and benefits on your plan. 

If you need assistance in determining if you're eligible for coverage contact us to schedule a FREE consultation!