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Insurance Coverage

For women, hair is a symbol of beauty. Due to such societal perceptions, women face a lot more difficulties and emotional distress compared to that of men when dealing with hair loss. Hair loss due to autoimmune diseases, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, burns, hormones, medications or other underlying conditions can be downright stressful. We understand...watching such a significant part of your physical identity disappear before your very eyes is an emotional experience. Panic mode can begin to set in as you see more and more of your hair in the brush, thinning and falling out.


At this point, you may have decided you want to purchase a wig. Not just any wig, a wig of high quality, looks natural, lasts and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! You've may have heard the saying…"You get what you pay for". Often times going the cheaper route with wigs means synthetic, low quality, wiggy looking, unflattering and short life span wigs. We know you definitely don't want that! You may feel a bit nervous about people responses of you going from bald to a full head of hair or people seeing the current state of your hair to a completely different hair do. The fact in the matter is, no one else opinion matters….DO WHAT YOU WANT AND HAVE FUN WITH IT!


Nonetheless, we believe nobody should have to experience the financial burden of purchasing a wig of quality that actually lasts if your hair loss is due to a medical condition. 


Fun Fact - In the medical world, the proper term for a wig is “Cranial Prosthesis”!


What is a Cranial Prosthesis?

Who would have thought the healthcare industry has a medical term for wigs. So if you see or hear us mention cranial prosthesis…we are referring to wigs! A cranial prosthesis is a custom-made wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions or treatments, such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or any other clinical disease or treatment resulting in hair loss.


The Lavish Beauty Palace is listed as a National Provider for Cranial Prosthesis, we are one of four Certified Lace Wig Maker companies in the state of Maryland and Registered Health Information Technicians. Our Easy Insurance Coverage Plan will help you get the wig you want and deserve! With a medical diagnosis deemed covered, there are six states that mandate coverage for cranial prosthesis and many health insurance companies that reimburse 80%-100% of the cost for your Cranial Prosthesis (wig).


Our Process


  1. Complete insurance coverage review request (If you're insurance plan does not cover wigs, you will be notified via email). 
  2. If qualified, you will be notified via email and offered to schedule a telephone consultation.
  3. Schedule telephone consultation (This usually lasts up to 30 minutes. During this call we discuss your health insurance coverage, authorization process, coordination with your health care provider and/or dermatologist, cranial prosthesis (wig) options, wig customization, answer any questions about comfortability, recommend hair stylist in your area that specialize in cranial prosthesis installments if needed, D.I.Y options and more).
  4. We’ll coordinate between your health provider and health insurance plan to submit appropriate documentation.
  5. Wig selection and customization
  6. Authorization request sent to insurance provider for approval and payment
  7. Cranial prosthesis (wig) shipped to customer.


Quality Guarantee
Don’t absolutely love your wig…return it within 14 days of receipt and choose another wig!
No more paying for low quality wigs or paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket for a decent looking wig. Nearly 7 million people suffer from hair loss due to medical conditions. Whether you want to rock your bald head…because #BaldiesAreBaddiesToo, wear head wraps, tattoo your head or have fun with wigs; we support you either way! However, if your hair loss is due to medical reasons, your health insurance company should cover the cost and you shouldn’t have to settle for less.
Complete the Insurance Consultation request form today to see if your insurance company will pay up to $1000 for your wig!
Please note, coverage and eligibility for cranial prosthesis will vary by state, health insurance plan and benefits on your plan.