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About Us

The Lavish Beauty Palace is owned and operated by Keyrea Ford and Valerie Page. Both born and raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area! At the age of 14, we met in high school and quickly became best friends. Our life experiences growing up fueled our desire to provide a better life for our families. We both selected career paths in the healthcare industry. Collectively we’ve spent over fourteen years assisting health care organizations to be properly compensated for services they provide. During our time working for these companies we noticed these organization did not focus on helping people on a more personal level. The loss of hair due to health conditions affects many people; yet it's often not addressed as a real concern. We decided to become business partners and shifted our focus to providing services of our own to the community.


Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to speak with many patients on an intimate level about their personal struggles. One of the many issues discussed were hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, brain surgery, and other chronic health care conditions.  Patients expressed feelings of concern about whether or not their hair would grow back, self-esteem issues and just not feeling like themselves. These conversations gave us more insight, desire to fill that void and changed our lives forever.  We were influenced to learn how to properly care for our own hair. In 2014, we decided to make the transition from permed to natural hair. Wearing braids, hair extensions and wigs has been a pivotal part of us transitioning to become natural. Before going natural, we permed our hair religiously, which can have detrimental side effects to your health and your hair. After years of experimenting with essential oils and hair extensions, November 2017, The Lavish Beauty Palace was birthed! 

It’s much more difficult for women to lose their hair as it is commonly tied to our femininity and beauty.  We want you to know that you are not alone. There is an estimate of 30 million women that experience hair loss and 40% of hair loss sufferers are in the United States. Hair loss can begin at any age for a multitude of reasons such as stress, burns, medications, hormones, traction, alopecia areata, and other chronic health care conditions. Some treatment options others considered are medications, hormone replacement therapy, and hair replacement graft. However, these may not be the most efficient, safest, painless and cost effective options. 


 We believe wigs and hair extensions enhance your beauty and emphasize your individual personality. Manufactured wigs tend to look unflattering and unnatural. 

We offer fully customized Wigs, Frontals and Closures specifically for you! 

We offer wig repairing services to be able to extend the life of your wig!

We offer extended payment options with NO finance charge!

 If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition by your healthcare provider, your health insurance may cover 50% to 100% of the cost for “cranial prosthesis”, commonly referred to as a wig. With our knowledge and expertise, we will provide assistance from consultation, authorization, customization and slaying your new wig! We understand it can be a tedious and stressful process, but we are here to make it a smooth process.


 NO medical condition, NO worries! We offer customized pieces for everyone!


Customer service is of top priority and our Lavish Beauties come first.  We hold pride in putting a smile on our customer's faces. You deserve to wear a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful and confident. When you look great, you feel great and our products will ensure you always look your best! 

We also make charitable donations to cancer foundations, burn victims, and other organization for hair loss. 

Welcome to the V.I.B club - Very Important Beauty