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Malaysian Straight

Malaysian Straight Bundles

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Malaysian Bundles are one of the most affordable options. These Malaysian Silky Straight Hair extensions are versatile, full of body, texture and beautiful bounce! The hair can be colored and styled to your desired look. Each bundle is collected from one donor with cuticles intact!

Hair: 7A Natural Human Hair
Style: Straight Hair Extensions
Lengths: Available 10" - 24"
Weft: Machined Double Stitch
Weight: 3.5 oz (100 grams) per bundle

Depending on the hairstyle, cut, length, and the size and shape of your head, 3 bundles is average for a sew-in. For Lengths 22” or above, it is highly recommended to purchase 4 bundles.

Always remember the longer the hair length, the shorter the weft.