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The BOMB Wash Day Routine - NO HEAT!

The BOMB Wash Day Routine - NO HEAT!

Alright, now ladies…IT'S WASH DAY! Have you perfected your wash day routine yet? Are you putting off washing your hair because it’s such a hassle? Wash day doesn’t have to be so complicated, but you will need a little time. Especially if you're transitioning to natural hair or already natural. We highly recommend this BOMB WASH DAY ROUTINE that utilizes absolutely NO HEAT! If you have nowhere to go for hours or you prefer washing your hair in the evening, this wash day routine is for you. We are going to break down “Wash Day” step by step…don't miss a beat!


Step 1: Wash Your Hair in the Shower

Please do not wash your hair upside down in the kitchen sink! This method of washing your hair is going to tangle the ends of your hair. While standing in the shower, allow the water to fully saturate your hair. Apply shampoo to the top, middle and back parts of your scalp. Lather the shampoo really well and gently massage your scalp lifting dirt and oils. Shampoo can dry your hair out or leave a dry feeling, so it is important to concentrate on the scalp area. The middle and ends of your hair are most fragile and do not need manipulation. So for that reason, shampoo your scalp area and allow the shampoo to run down the ends of your hair. Some naturalistas choose to completely skip shampoo and do a co-wash. Which is a conditioner only wash…NO SHAMPOO! By all means, do what’s best for your hair! Also while in the shower, I start the detangling process with a wide tooth comb. I find it so much easier to pre-detangle my hair while the water is running through my hair.

African American Woman Shampooing her hair in the shower


Step 2: Prep your hair for Air Drying

If you have high porosity hair, your hair can start to dry quickly! As soon as you’re finished shampooing, towel dry your hair with a microfiber towel or t-shirt. Then put a part down the middle of your hair and part each side of your hair into three additional sections. Once completed, you should have six sections in total. If you plan on doing a braid out, it's best to do more than six sections for better results!African American woman wearing a towel wrapped around her head


Step 3: Detangle and Deep Condition

One at a time apply a generous amount of your favorite conditioner to a section of your hair. Then, detangle each parted section with a demi brush. When detangling your hair, start at the ends of your hair and move upwards as you detangle with the demi brush. After the section is completed, braid the section of hair all the way down to the ends. Repeat this all over your head until fully conditioned, detangled, and braided into six braids. Allow the conditioner to sit in your hair for at least a full hour. After this time has passed, rinse the conditioner out of your hair in the shower…WITHOUT TAKING THE BRAIDS OUT. Simply get back in the shower and rinse the conditioner out of your hair!


Step 4: Let the Air Drying Begin

Now, this is the long part. Hopefully, you have nowhere to go or headed to bed soon. You’re going to need about 10 full hours or more for your hair to completely air dry. After these hours have passed, you can apply your favorite hair oil to your braids and/or your scalp if needed. Take out the braids and now you have clean, stretched hair without using heat…BOMB!!! Now you can proceed with the style of your choice or just wear it as a braid out!

African American woman with natural hair



We hope you enjoyed this read and ready to apply some of these tips to your hair care routine. I challenge you to not apply any heat to your hair for a month along with these tips. Come back and let us know your results after a month. We want to know the results! Don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter for up to date notifications about giveaways and hair care tips. 


Tell us in the comments what your tips are for stronger healthier hair? 


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