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Instant Volume & Length With Clip Ins

Instant Volume & Length With Clip Ins

Are you looking for a new look but don't want to spend hours at the hair salon?!?! Have you tried clip-in extensions?

They add length, volume and are super easy to install! Let me give you some background on why I choose clip in extensions. 

I had my first child a few months ago and while I knew that babies can affect your body, but I never really paid attention to the negative effects it could have on your hair. My hair just went through a crazy shedding experience and my once pretty edges have been destroyed, along with a few thinning areas. After exploring some hairstyle options until my hair grows back, I became very interested in clip-in extensions mainly because I just need something to cover up my problem areas while I’m out of the house.

  1. One of the major benefits is that there is less damage done to your hair versus other forms of extensions. Unlike sew-in and glue-in extensions, clip-in extensions don’t weigh your hair down or weaken it nearly as much. If you want something that can stay in for a long period of time or you want to wear your clip-ins multiple days in a row, you may want to try something else because constantly wearing the clip-ins will, in fact, put you at bigger risk of damaging your hair.
  2. It’s quick! It’s such a fast and easy install. No need to sit in a chair to have someone install it for you. No need to wait months and years for 26'' hair !!! Lol! Get the length you want now! You can install it yourself in 30 minutes or less.
  3. Now if you want to take the trip to the hair salon it's up to you. But this install is so easy you can do it in the bathroom mirror.  Or you can have your bestie help you out! So save the dollars for your new outfit beautiful!

1. Start by sorting your hair pieces. Place like sizes together to make the installation go smoother. Ideally, you are going to use the shorter pieces on the sides, the longer pieces at the crown and the medium pieces in the back.

2. You want to get a rat-tail comb to part your hair with. Begin by parting your hair as you normally would, ie side part or center part.

3. From here you want to section off the front of your hair. You will need to part down, or vertically, starting from the end of your part to your ear on both sides. When you finish place a hair tie on each section to keep them separate.

4. Next, you want to go to the back of your head and part a 1-inch section of your hair across the bottom.

      a. If you have thin/fine hair, you may want to backcomb the section a little to prevent the weft clips from sliding once inserted.

      b. Another way to prevent sliding is to make two small ponytails on each end of the sectioned off hair and use rubber bands to hold them in place. This will give the clips something extra to catch and keep them in place. Don’t worry about trying to take them out after the clip-ins are installed because no one will be able to see it. #HairHacks

5. Take the piece you’re going to use and open the clips. Place the weft above the rubber bands and snap it close. You will know it is in securely when you can feel and hear it close. Continue to do this for this section of hair until the entire hairpiece has been placed.

6. Take your comb or a brush and smooth out the hair. Once it is smooth you will be able to judge how the piece feels in your hair and if you need to take it out and re-install.

7. Use your comb to part a new section. You want it at least half an inch higher than the first section to cover up the track previously placed. For a fuller look part closer to the half-inch mark or if you don’t need it as full you can make the part a little bigger.

8. Like before you are going to make small ponytails and secure them with the rubber bands. You want to make the ponytails about the same length apart as the weft.

9. Open the wefts and install them above the ponytailed sections. Once they are closed and secured brush or comb out this section of hair as well.

10. You are going to part, yet another section of hair half an inch above our last section.

      a. If you did your original part (from step 1) on the left or right side of your hair, you are going to make your little ponytails with the rubber bands on the side with the most hair and place your wefts above them. Inserting the weft this way will allow you to maintain the fullness on that side.

       b. If you did a center part, continue as we have with the placement of your little rubber-banded ponytails and insert your wefts above them.

11. After your hair is smoothed out, you are going to create the next section of hair on the side of your head that has more hair about a half an inch above our last piece. You are going to only go to rubber band one little ponytail on that side and choose a piece of hair with only one weft.

12. Once it is closed we are going to do the same thing on the other side. Part a half an inch above the last piece inserted, make a little ponytail, insert a piece with only one weft and smooth out once closed.

13. You should now only have the top of your hair out and that is for you to style as you please, so have fun with it!
Once you get these simple steps down inserting clip-in extensions will be a quick and easy hairstyle option. Whether you are going to a party or just want something to try out before you use a more permanent hair extension option. I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions or you’re looking for some good quality clip-in hair extensions please contact us and check out our deals!

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