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Don't Fry Your Hair...Use Heat Protectants!

Don't Fry Your Hair...Use Heat Protectants!

Don’t Fry Your Hair…Use Heat Protectants!

When was the last time you fried your coils? Hopefully you response is never in a million years. Yet, so many of us fry our luxurious locks daily while on the way out the front door. You don’t have to fry your hair for it to behave. As women, we have become besties with our curling irons and blow dryer. Although those devices come in handy when you’re in a tight crunch. You’re going to pay for those choices later. The heat from your blow dryer and curling iron sucks out your hair’s moisture and makes it dry, dull and brittle. Protect your hair and leave outs with heat protectants!

We get it! Your styling tools are just like the perfect handbag or lip gloss. Instead of chucking your hard earned cash out the window, we want to help teach ways to protect your hair from heat damage.

How does heat damage your hair?

You’re probably familiar with straightening your hair with a flat iron on Easter Sunday. Sitting in your grandma’s favorite resting chair in the kitchen while the hot comb warmed on the stove. You probably were twice as frightened once that hot comb hit your beautiful tresses. You learned two things in that moment.

1. Not to move when your mom/grandmother has the hot comb in their hands.

2. Heat is used to straighten your hair.

Unfortunately damaging our hair with heat has been passed down for many generations. From your grandmothers kitchen to sitting inside of high end salon waiting for your favorite stylist. Frying your hair with heat became a customary price to pay for beauty. Beauty is costly. But, the damage is long lasting to your hair. Did you know that blow drying and using curling irons on your hair causes different types of damage? Blow dryers create a sudden burst of heat that instantly dries up all the moisture. This makes the hair cuticle – the part that strengthens and protects the hair – very brittle and prone to breakage.
Straightening irons work another way. Since you’re applying heat directly to damp hair, you cause little “steam explosions” that cause the cuticle to crack. If you put your hair under a microscope, you’ll see how your cuticle has developed tiny breaks and holes.

Although the effects of heat on your hair may not be immediate. You will begin to see a change in the way your hair behaves from the heat. More often than not most people experience breakage and loss of hair due to long term heat usage. Have you notice how unappealing your coils become because of the protein from your hair have been striped? Definitely not the fashion forward look you were going for in today’s fast paced world.

Want to protect your coils from heat damage?
Heat protectants are the only way to safely style your hair. Don’t touch your blow dryer or hair iron without them! These products contain ingredients that shield your hair from the harmful effects of heat. They work in three ways:

 They make your hair more porous. This means that your hair is able to hold more water. Damaged hair isn’t able to absorb moisture (think of how water just drips off a dried leaf). The best heat protectant for natural hair contains healing ingredients that bring back your hair to normal levels of porosity.

 They add more moisture to your hair. Since your hair will be losing moisture, heat protectants compensate by restoring moisture. You’ll immediately notice that your hair is softer and it’s easier to comb out tangles!

 They act like a seal and shield. Heat protectants act like an additional layer of defense against the heat. It coats the hair, which prevents moisture from evaporating. It also protects the cuticle from damage.

Different types of heat protectants for your hair

Not all heat protectants are created equal and you need to be informed to make good decisions. Let’s be honest with ourselves and our hair. If you have been blow drying and straightening your hair for years and it’s become severely damaged. You need to do the proper research to restore your coils back to health.

One of our top favorite products for heat protectant is consider investing in CHI Silk Infusion. This super powered ceramic thermal styling formula that combines silk with soy and wheat proteins. positively charged silk particles, which bind with your hair to make it stronger, shinier, and softer. This is one of the tops of the line products on the market especially since it’s alcohol free and other drying ingredients. This product is a little bit on the expensive side. Be cautioned when purchasing within your budget limits.
Are you looking for a more natural plant based product for your coils? We’ve got the perfect product for you. Art Naturals heat protector is full of natural plant extracts that help restore moisture, shine and strength to your hair. It contains peach, sage, rosemary, ginseng, and thyme — these are not only full of nutrients and moisturizing oils but leaves an amazing scent.

Here’s the amazing thing about this product; it can be used by all hair types. Frequent users rave about the wonderful light scent, non-greasy factor after usage, and plant-based ingredients to nurture their hair on the go.

The choice is yours when it comes to protecting your hair from long term heat damage.



Before you start a war with your styling tools do some research and go to your community. You will begin to see the long-term damage some styling devices cause hair. The best thing you can do is learn how to invest your money properly in your hair care needs. Not all products will work for your hair. You’re going to go through the trial and error phase. And that’s okay because you’re making better choices for long term success. There are heavier, more moisturizing heat protectants that are ideal for very damaged or thick hair, and lighter and natural heat protectants if you have fine hair.

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